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Week One of Benefit’s 2014 Advent Calendar


I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe that the first week of December has come and gone!

Well, the outdoor lights are up, I have already attended two Christmas themed parties, and I cant’ wait to share with you the fun I had trying out the first week of “beauty treasures” that awaited me behind doors 1 to 7 of Benefit’s 2014 Advent Calendar in the first post of this series.

Soooo lets do this!! The good, the awesome, and the WTF?!?!…

December 1

photo (3)

Pink and Magenta Heart-Shape Paperclips

Uh huh. While I have to admit that these do have the potential to be a whimsical way of marking pages in my agenda, a cosmetic company kicking off day one of a pricey Advent Calendar that is supposed to be filled with “beauty treasures” with office supplies is a wee bit disappointing. With that said, they are super cute, totally in line with Benefit’s branding, and there are still 23 doors to go! Moving on…

 December 2

Yay! The sight of this sweet little lip gloss quickly washed away the minor letdown of day one, and reminded me why I love Benefit products so much. I have purchased the Ultra Plush lip gloss in the past, and enjoyed the thick, rich formula that managed to be full coverage, while not being gloopy. While “A-Lister” is not a color that will work for everyone on its own (it is a really light pink) it is perfect to swipe over a darker, more pigmented lip color to give it a bit of sheen, or as a highlighter on the middle of your bottom lip.

December 3

Wahoo! This mascara is a part of Benefit’s “They’re Real” line, and has been on my own wish list for a while now, so I was super excited to try it. As a disclaimer I should mention that one of the criteria that I use for reviewing mascara for personal use is how well it blends fake lashes with my real ones (totally counterintuitive to the branding, but whatevs), and even with this in mind this little mini blew my mind! Thick, dark, and clump-free, this mascara will make it into my basket on my next Sephora run, fo shizzle!

December 4

This product is marketed as a primer for both undereye concealer and eyeshadow, and while it does indeed leave a smooth and even base for eyeshadow, I found that it emphasized everything that I did not want attention brought to when I applied it under my eyes. For younger ladies I am sure that it works well, but I found that it settled in the pre-crows feet areas around the corner of my eyes, and caused the concealer I applied on top of it to do the same.

In addition to the accumulation issue, I am very pale and like to ensure that anything I used under my eyes is at least a shade lighter than my skin tone, and this light/medium formula was actually a bit darker than the rest of my complexion.

In short, while this may not be a product for me, for younger, darker skinned ladies it may work well.

December 5

I was SUPER excited to find this waiting for me behind door number five as it is a product that I have never tried but have been very interested in due to the fact that well, I am 41, and my dark rimmed, pre-crows feet eyes basically need all the loving they can get.

While I was only able to use it for a few days before writing this post I have to say that I do believe that I can see a difference already! I have been using it each morning before I embark on my regular makeup routine and it has left the skin under my eyes noticeably brighter, leaving me with a dewy look that I really dig. I will definitely need a full size bottle of this in my tool box, ASAP! Santa Baby, please take note! *wink

December 6

Yes! This product used to be a mainstay of my cosmetic bag, and I am not really sure why I never replaced it the last time it ran out. This balm is intended to minimize the appearance of pores (think spackle, but for your face), and does exactly what it claims to do. It leaves a smooth, silky, translucent finish, which serves as a perfect make-up base for dry, mature skin. If you have noticeably large pore, as I do, you definitely need to check this out!

December 7

And last, and certainly the least, we come to day seven.

Here is the official description.


The Description

Sounds pretty, right? Annnnd here is what it looks like.

hair tie

The Reality

Yup, that’s a piece of silver elastic with a knot in the end.

All I can say is that those paper clips from day one are looking pretty slick right about now.

Be sure to come back next Sunday to get the full low down on week two’s beauty treasures! Will there be more stationery? Or perhaps we will find some replacement ink cartridges for our printers? Stay tuned to find out!

Have you been following along with your own Benefit Advent Calendar? Have you used any of these products before? Do you have any questions about the products in this post? Please be sure to let me know in the comments section below!


This is not a sponsored post.

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