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“My Precioussssss” or “The Nikki 9Dorz Holy Grail of Adult Advent Calendars”


It is no secret that I love Christmas, and we all know that the anticipation leading up to a long awaited event can be almost as fun as the actual day itself, especially if you get creative in the way that you execute the big count down.

As a kid I loved ripping open one of the tiny cardboard doors of my  Advent calendar each December morning to reveal the tiny chocolate hidden behind it, and as that sweet treat slowly melted on my tongue I  would quietly savour the knowledge that as of this moment I was that much closer to my favorite day of the year! While I still do think that a chocolate a day is a pretty brilliant way to count down to, well, just about anything, there are many companies cashing in on our generation’s love of nostalgia, and creating high-end Advent calendars that appeal to adult tastes and sensibilities. On October 24th B.C.’s own Phillips Brewing Company announced the return of its popular Snowcase Calendar which features 24 different delicious Phillip’s beers, some of which are only currently available through this seasonal promotion. And if the treat of a delicious craft beer a day is not enough awesomeness, this year the Snowcase experience is enhanced by a companion website where Phillips fans who are lucky enough to snag one of these limited edition cases can go each morning (hey, it’s Christmas…no judging) to get the backstory on the beer of the day and share their own thoughts about it with their fellow festive drinkers. If beer is not your thing, then perhaps think about heading over to Starbucks where they have released a pretty nifty Advent calendar of their own that uses 24 re-usable, magnetic tins to hide each day’s treat. All of the tins comes stuck to a small chalkboard that you can re-purpose as a message board once the holidays are over. While coffee, chocolate, and beer all rank highly on my list of personal favorite things I have to admit that my heart came close to a full stop around this time last year when I was blissfully strolling through my local Sephora and came upon a beautiful pink box emblazoned with the logo of one of my favorite beauty brands, Benefit, and 24 of those familiar cardboard doors marked clearly on the front. Sadly though, my already failing heart was quickly smashed into a million tiny pieces as the reality sunk in that the Nikki 9Dorz Holy Grail of Advent Calendars was now completely sold out, both in store and online! Gaaahhhh!!!!!! While not as in-your-face as Urban Decay , or as bold and brassy as Too Faced, many perceive Benefit, with its pink packaging and sweet themed graphics, as a brand that is also geared towards a younger market, yet my personal experience with their products has actually revealed them to be perfect for the needs of more mature faces. One of the areas where this brand really has it nailed down is their wide array of primer products, a step that is crucial when putting together a party worthy look for ladies over 40. Whether you are seeking a soft, dewy glow or prefer a more matte complexion, Benefit has a primer that can help you lock down your look for a price that is considerably lower than higher end luxury brands. After experiencing such a devastating heartbreak  last year I swore that there was no way in hell that I was going to find myself without one of those gorgeous pink boxes this time around, so shortly after Halloween I began trolling the magical interwebs for any indication of the release date for this year’s calendar, and behold…

Benefit Advent Calendar

“My Precioussssssssss”


As many ladies over the age of 40 are not regular users of the Benefit line, and I love to share my experiences with products that I adore, next Sunday will mark the beginning a series here at Nikki Nikki 9Dorz featuring a reveal and review of each of the items found in the calendar that week. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the fun be sure to sign up to receive emails that let you know when a new post is up, and be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. In the upcoming weeks I will be ramping up the frequency of posts both here and on these other platforms, so be sure to look out for sneak peeks of items from the calendar…

Benefit Advent Calendar - December 1st Beauty Treasure

Like This! Pink and Magenta, Heart-Shape Paperclips on December 1st!

  …tips on cool events that are happening around the city this month, and perhaps maybe even be a giveaway! (*wink) So stayed tuned, and be sure to jump into the conversation! Have you come across your own Holy Grail of Advent calendars? Share your own favorites in the comments section!

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